About us

Grim Reaper Broadheads is the inventor of Razortip Technology - patented mini-tip blade(s) that greatly enhance penetration. Our new practice heads are available now as well as our new crossbow broadheads, designed specifically for 400 fps and faster crossbows. We also have a 2" 3-Blade Whitetail Special that is sure to make your whitetail hunt a great event! We are constantly improving and strengthening our already super awesome heads so if you want maximum penetration, huge entrance holes, as well as shorter blood trails and longer stories, Grim Reapers are for you. You're literally going to Watch'em Drop!

Grim Reaper Razortip

The Original Razortip Broadhead! Trocrazor tip - Razors in a Trocar Tip - that pulverize heavy bone and slice like a scalpel! No deflection on angled shots! No rubber bands or O-rings! Mechanical or Fixed Blade! Change blades in seconds! Blades stay closed out of the fastest speed bows and crossbows!

The Grim Reaper Razortip came on the market in 2000 and rewrote the book on mechanical heads. It solved all the problems mechanicals had. With it you can take steep angled tree-stand shots, steep quartering shots and up hill/down hill shots and not worry about deflection. The three blades float independently on a rugged shock absorbing spring and open without any kick on the arrow. Grim Reaper has never had one complaint in 11 years of selling Grim Reaper mechanicals of a Grim Reaper deflecting. You can shoot Grim Reapers through plywood, steel drums, 2300 pound buffalo, 10 ft Brown bears and just about anything else. The blades only take one pound of pressure to open. The Razortip produces huge entrance holes, and people shooting 38-41 lb bows (generating 37 lbs of kinetic energy) are getting pass throughs on whitetail deer with it.

Grim Reaper Razortip comes in 75, 85, 100, and 125 grains. Blades are ground, honed, and stropped 440C stainless steel. Trocrazor blades are .015" thick, and mechanical blades are .035" thick. 75 gr - 1 1/8", 85 gr, 100 gr & 125 gr - 1 3/8" cutting diameter. 100 gr & 125 gr also available in 1 3/4" cutting diameter. 100% made in USA. Super premium machining tolerances!

Grim Reaper Razorcut SS

Grim Reaper recently introduced the RAZORCUT SS mechanical - all the proven features of the legendary Razortip with a solid stainless steel Cut-on-Contact tip, producing a bone-splitting bullet point.

Grim Reaper HADES

Hades is our hot fixed blade broadhead loaded with awesome features. The back edges of the blades are sharpened, V-notched trocar tip and four point internal locking system keeps the blade held in place.